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Please note that everything you see & hear on this website belongs to someone.
Clips & images may not be used without permission,
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than that stipulated by the site administrators.
For more information, write or call TPL.
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Other TPL Copyright © Information

We are privileged
to be able to show here
some images that are owned by others.

has given us permission to use clips from
Erick Hawkins' AMERICA.
©1988 by SCETV Commission
Produced by Benjamin Dunlop & Sidney J. Palmer


Erick Hawkins
David Diamond
Stanley Boxer
Robert Engstrom
Glen Cortese

Gloria McLean
Katherine Duke
Laura Pettibone
Cynthia Reynolds
Daniel Tai
Mariko Tanabe
Randy Howard


José Limón Dance Foundation, Inc.
has granted us permission
to use the iconic profile photograph of Limón
by Paul Draper and a recent full company image from
Choreographic Offering,
the very work we are reconstructing in an innovative 3-way exchange -- by photographer Tom Caravaglia.

We are pleased to share these images with you, thanks to the generosity of our partners.


The documents, images,
certain proprietary exercises
interactive techniques
presented here in support of the project
are ©
the exclusive property
of Artsgenesis and THE PERFORMANCE LAB™.
They may not be used by others
without express written permission
of the copyright holders.


To the best of our knowledge, all images used on this web site are either original or cleared for public display. Should any image be proprietary, please notify TPL at the address on the Who We Are page.

Occasionally, on this website, we are privileged to use artwork that is ©. We are pleased to note these contributions here and gratefully note the ©-holder:

Miao Mountain Morning from CHINASONG, a beautiful new album from the Shanghai Quartet, distributed by DELOS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (DE 3308). The music plays when you click on the image we have selected to represent THE LEE FAMILY in our NEA Artgenesis IMMIGRATION project.

We also have been granted permission to use several lovely pieces from an album by the Minnesota Chinese Music Ensemble. Visit them on the Internet by clicking here.

We are using their perfume-like pieces based on traditional melodies to "set the mood" in the rehearsal studio for our immigrant Chinese family, but we'll let you know when a sample appears here.


"Glow Worm",
an original dance by Remy Charlip
is © by the artist ––
and has been excerpted
from a TV program
originally produced
for WGBH Boston
by Nancy Mason.


If you visited the Harrison poets and watched their movie, you'll recognize the soulful strains of Somewhere Out There from "An American Tail." This work backs up photographs shot by Harrision students and is performed by John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra, on CD 422 385-2. ©1989 Phillips Classic Productions.



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