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Marcia Chapman of Ballet Arts Minnesota and Rick Hauser of Beyond Broadcast™ spearheaded the creation of a new consortium of arts organizations named DancePartners in 1996. The collaborators envisioned using existing computer and videoconferencing technology to bring together dance educators, performers, students and teachers who wanted to extend and enrich their dance vocabulary.

In 1999 we received a major grant from the Technology Opportunities Program, a Federal agency aiming to close the gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not ["The Digital Divide"]. TOP saw our willingness to experiment as a bold step forward in bringing the arts into the lives of many who do not have such access.

Three years later, DancePartners changed its name to THE PERFORMANCE LAB (TPL) in order to emphasize interdisciplinary focus and adventuresome commitment to innovation. We continue to rely on accessible technology to provide interactive arts experiences at reasonable cost in diverse communities.

TPL's national network of interactive studios grows as we find new partners across America.

As 2006 is dawning, we are preparing a number of international residencies.

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