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In this kit you will find information about setting up an Interactive Studio using the TPL model for performing arts exchanges. You will also find information on the different roles involved in a successful exchange, some basic "how to's" for making communication effective between two studios and a glossary. Lastly, we've got some tips on effective methods for preparations of an interactive session and ideas on how to integrate online/web components into your curriculum before, during and after the events. All of this is the result of our explorations in using videoconferencing studios to coach, teach, and share the performing arts over distance since 1996.

Continue to explore the TPL INTERACTIVE TOOLKIT online! (click on the underlined link to start.)

This TOOLKIT is specific to our home studio, Studio 5B at the Hennepin Center for the Arts in Minneapolis, MN. We intend for this to be used as a resource tool for people and organizations interested in establishing interactive studios in other locations. Download the TOOLKIT outline to see what materials are available here. You'll need Acrobat Reader to view the pdf files.

Download Acrobat here.


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