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Welcome to the
NJ-MN Interactive Drama Exchange!

These Interactive Exchanges involved
drama students from the
Southern New Jersey
Performing Arts Academy
and drama students from
Southwest High School
in Minneapolis.

Both groups came together
for the first time
using The TPL Model.

Each student chose a scene partner
at their partner high school
with whom they created
a new character
and developed a short scene
to be played out
over distance!

In NJ Images and MN Images,
you can see the images
each student selected to represent how they saw
their character.

Our new Bulletin Board
— alas! —
carries none of the conversations
the actors
had between exchanges.
A hacker broke into the
national host website
& erased every single message —
not only all of ours,
but 1000s of other, too . . .

The original dialogues
(100 exchanges or more)
were written
in the voice of the characters
and the BB was
the germinating place for scenes.

We plan another
Interactive Scriptwriting Residency



528 Hennepin Avenue South, Suite 203 | Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: (651) 224-1555 | Fax: (612) 335-9266 | info@theperformancelab.org
Alternate Fax: (651) 224-1486 | beyond.broadcast@mindspring.com