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The TPL Model & Drama

to a Few Very Close Friends...

These are the names of the unusual cast of characters that became for a time friends with another clatch of regular folks back in New Jersey. They are pseudonyms for students in Chris Fisher's Drama Classes at Southwest High School in Minneapolis.

Click on the names and the images of the essential characteristics of that person will appear. Caution: only seven of the links are active, so you may have to hunt around a bit.

It used to be possible to leaf page-by-page through the passionate exchanges between these Minne-sota creations and the New Jersey characters they paired up with.

Sadly, a hacker erased all the messages contained on our bulletin boards –– & those of many others –– so all that remains is the outline of these exchanges on the Bulletin Board.

There you will find ––

Conversations with Somebody Else

–– the forums where letters the students wrote to one another over about six weeks were once posted...





Entirely student-produced, this end of the exchange elicited strong responses from the kids in New Jersey. Check out a short movie that resulted from a cold reading of a revised script based on the letters you will read in the TPL Bulletin Board. Here's the_clip -- a nasty conversation between an estranged brother and sister. A tip-off -- the final version of the script turns the tables.










This model for creating character, dialogue & scenes holds great promise. With our partners, we will revisit this experiment –– & post the results of our Interactive Residency here on the web.


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