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Use the directory above to explore information and content from past exchanges and the evaluation tools we have in place.

When you click TIMELINE, you'll be able to track TPL projects over the years, from the beginning, when we were DancePartners©, to today, when we work in all the performing arts and are looking across continents to forge new partnerships.

In EXCHANGE ARCHIVES, you'll find pages that evoke TPL interactive residencies & partnerships –– choreographers Limón, Solomons, Hawkins –– dramatists Norman & Simon & Fugard –– choral masters from Vocal Essence –– puppeteers from Galumph! Theatre –– they all are here.

The pages on EVALUATION offer ways of looking at our interative coaching moel and of assessing our sucesses. Did participants acqure skills? Was this demonstrated? How did we measure their achievement -- & ours?

And use the SEARCH engine above to locate keywords, people or concepts. You can type in any word that you may have happened across & probably find an explanation or be directed to a page where you can see a concept in action. You can also find the folks that make TPL happen -- just type in a name.

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