DancePartners© Begins!

When DancePartners© was called Storefront for the Arts and little more than a gleam in the eyes of the Founding Partners, members of the Twin Cities arts community helped us think about where and how the performing arts intersect with interactivity. They represented leading arts service organizations ---

Minnesota State Arts Board
Perpich Center for Arts Education
Governor's Office of Technology
College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota

Together we asked questions --- Was there a way more people could experience the power of fine performance and come into contact with master teachers? What part could technology play? Didn't the very idea of "technical" work against the free spirit we all associated with art?

We at TPL have answered those questions long ago and laid to rest any qualms we might have had about using all sorts of technology to bring people first-rate arts experiences.

And yet, these very same questions continue to be asked by artists, teachers and audiences alike.

Now we have The TPL Model and many experiences that testify to the unique power of what we take to be a new medium for coaching performance.

Not Videoconferencing!

Not "Distance Learning"!

Not -- TV!

The key ingredients that make The TPL Model work were there in the very first exchange we ever did, linking up the Valencia Academy of Performing Arts with Ballet Arts Minnesota students. LaCrescent, MN <----> Plymouth, MN Two wonderful dance teachers plunged into the experment and helped us begin to understand that there was enormous potential in the method. They were

Robin Stiehm

Stephanie Valencia Kierlin

You can see Robin and Stephanie at work in some clips from a movie of our pilot exchange that we still use to show why The TPL Model works.

Click here to see these wonderful coaches, as they begin to transform a new medium!

We owe these dance artists all our gratitude.

Also, our first funder took a leap into the unknown, which they openly acknowledged. Thank you --

U.S. West

Your good will enabled us to demonstrate that technology and The Arts can be Interactive Partners.

When 1999 dawned we had tools in hand to demonstrate our ideas.

Controversial to this day!



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