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Watch that posture!

At last! Samples of our interactive residencies in music are beginning to be available!

For example, go back to the home page and watch a new movie featuring the young poets at Harrison Education Center. The music was born from a poem about saying "no" to The Busters -- friends who want to drag you down.

Our first interactive residency in music was with Bemidji State Unviersity and coaches in choral music from VocalEssence. Here's a movie of that arts experience. Watch the singer carefully; she subtly adjusts as the coach's fingers coax her into the posture that best will free her voice. The coach suggests to the singer that there is an invisible string just above her head, pulling her up -- up! -- and lifting the chin, allowing the voice to soar.

Margo Berg, then TPL Technology Director, produced this series of exchanges.

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