These young actresses,
Heather & Debbie,
have moved from
the interactive classroom --
to the real world of theatre,
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We want to hear from
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Our first interactive drama exchanges were scene critiques from Virginia McFerran of the Perpich Center for Arts Education and TPL Co-Founder Rick Hauser. Actors were from Kirstin Walsh Lynch's junior drama class at the Southern New Jersey Academy of Performing Arts. After the first interactive session, exercises were sent to the actors by e-mail. The actors continued their work and coaches saw the scene interactively one month later.

We will build on this work in future!


Some of our most ambitious experiments have been with drama.

The WEB and our Bulletin Board are central to this work.

For the moment, the BB documents the DANA project (on dance) which has just finished. You will quickly get the idea of the liveliness of student-artist exchange and the powerful web tool that a neutral forum where ideas are freely exchanged can afford.

A couple of years back, TPL & partners mounted a free-wheeling exchange that centered on messages ("letters") that were exchanged between fictional characters.

Although the scripts that were created now exist only in cyberspace (thanks to a malicious hacker!), drama students in New Jersey and Minnesota created stories and dramatic scenes together by exchanging letters about themselves and their -- often stormy! -- relationship with a partner over 1,000 miles away. In between times, the characters improvised together and came to know each other a little better.

This exchange is explained more fully here. Because the project is complex, -- scripts, letters, images and character names -- an idea of how the project worked emerges only gradually. But you'll begin to get the idea, we hope!

Below are some examples — from our early Interactive Exchanges in drama — scene work, as well as the crafting of a PR release for an ambitious student production.

Do note that only the Production Critique is a streaming clip — it loads instantly. The other clips may take as much as two minutes to load, even with a high-speed connection (Count about one minute per 6MB on a cable broadband connection).

[12.5 MB]

Working on Reality
[9 MB]

Production Critique [Lawrence's Promo]
[5.4 MB]

Focus & Stage Space
[8.6 MB]



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