Reading the WEB...

We hope you will peruse these WEB pages slowly & thoughtfully, as if reading a book that has some substance. The movies alone are worth reviewing –– just as did TPL student learners –– many times. Each contains meaning beyond the words that are spoken –– in a nuance, a gesture, a skillfully executed movement.

Next year, we return with renewed purpose –– to create new models for Interactive Residencies that will enable anyone to test the limits of this new medium.

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A Year of Experiment

Not Videoconferencing!

Not "Distance Learning"!

Not -- TV!

We have almost completed our first decade at THE PERFORMANCE LAB. The model for interactive coaching we pioneered back in 1996 has proven itself time & again in residencies that are at once startling & challenging.

This year, TPL received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Its purpose was to help us test –– to re-evaluate & to extend –– the experimentation to which we were so earnestly committed. We said we had one overriding aim––

–– Build the network ––

–– that is, to increase the number of coaches & classroom teachers who understand the power of interactivity, the joy of joining with others far away, who were not fearful or suspicious of technology, but who embraced it as a tool for effective coaching of the performing arts. We envisaged a score of interactive studios across America, peers joined to peers in exciting arts experiences.

We worked on interactivity in three projects centered on The TPL Model. Below are links to these projects, each documented in a number of WEB pages that will permit you to follow our progress from the start to project's end.

Learning a Dance Masterpiece

Dance from Drawings

An Historic Saga of Immigration

Our partners join with us in a wish for your challenging interactive adventures!




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