TPL Expands the Model

THE PERFORMANCE LAB receives its non-profit determination making DancePartners -- the project --into its own, independent organization.

A series of 4 interactive exchanges in original choreography mentored by Perpich Center for Arts Education staff Diane Aldis, Tom Kanthak and Mary Harding with the participation of PCAE Senior dance majors and their peers [students of David Kloss] at the Southern New Jersey Academy for Performing Arts [GCIT].

Minneapolis <----> Sewell, NJ.

4 interactive sessions pairing students at Pike Lake Elementary/Mounds View [MN] and Paul Robeson Community Theme School for the Arts [NJ]. Minneapolis <----> New Brunswick, NJ.

Jessica Lang of the Juilliard II Company coached Ballet Arts Minnesota dancers in her choreography as they readied for performance. Minneapolis <---->New York City.

A number of interactive sessions with ACE teachers and the Perpich Center for Arts Education. Sessions began with training of coaches and several interactive sessions followed --
Studio 5B <----> Kelliher, MN -- with coach Christopher Yaeger teaching 2 sessions of the "Lindy" to HS and Middle School students; Kelliher, MN <----> Little Falls/MN. Kelliher students coached their peers in the Southern city using techniques learned from Yaeger. Studio 5B <----> Little Falls/MN.

From Minneapolis, Chris Griffith helped build huge puppets for a civic parade in the Northern city. Minneapolis, MN <---->Little Falls, MN.

Will Swanson working from New York, coaches Ballet Arts Minnesota students; actually completing his original choreography for performance in interactive mode! Minneapolis <---->New York City.

4 interactive vocal coaching sessions took place, with mentoring on-site and interactively from Studio 5A with University of Minnesota/Bemidji vocal majors and VocalEssence [Plymouth Music Series] coaches.
Bemidji, MN <---->Minneapolis.

4 interactive coaching sessions in modern American drama were held. NJ GCIT<---->Studio 5A/B. Rick Hauser of TPL and Virginia McFerran of Perpich Center for Arts Education coached. After initial critique, exercises addressing performance issues were suggested to student actors. They used the exercises with their teacher in NJ, wrote to the MN coaches. The coaches responded with yet more exercises and feedback, and students continued work, writing again. Coaches saw the scenes [the year’s “final” grade] during two sessions and commented upon the work, wrapping up with critique of students’ production designs.

2 interactive sessions for students with disabilities were held.
Mississippi Horizons/ Brainerd, MN<---->Webster Elemen- tary/Minneapolis. Students of differing abilities were introduced to each through movement biographies on the WEB and mirroring activities in the studios.

2 interactive sessions were conducted as part of an artist residency program.
A Center for the Arts/Fergus Falls<---->Studio 5B. A principal dancer from the James Sewell Ballet mentored dance school students.

A significant number of visits were made “out state” to develop partnerships for the Shubert Initiative.

THE PERFORMANCE LAB was invited to share the interactive model and strategies for coaching performance with an international public and peers in Monaco, at the Monaco Dance Forum. Dale Schmid from NJ/DOE and Rick Hauser from TPL attended. Plans were made there for exchange with Germany, France, the Netherlands and Canada. These contacts will form the basis of international exchanges projected for 2003 and beyond






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