Act Two!

Much of the first part of this fiscal year was devoted to implementation of our new grant from Technology Information and Infrastructure Program [TIIAP]. We were one of a handful of arts organizations to be funded by this federal agency in order to explore innovative uses of telecommunications technology. Partners involved in our planning sessions and experimental interconnections were:

Minneapolis Public Schools
Myles Reif Performing Arts Center [Grand Rapids]
artservices & company [Minneapolis]
Ohio University School of Dance
Ohio University Telecommunications Center
Dr. Karen B. Rogers, Ph.D.
Higher Education Telecommunications Consortium [HETC]
Ballet Arts Minnesota
Beyond Broadcast™
Chris Aiken Dance Company

We developed program outlines & plans for interactive courses with all partners. A number of teleconferences were held amongst partners. Interactive sessions centered on feasibility and quality of the interconnection. Existing teleconferencing facilities were used for these interconnections; students were recruited from partner schools and dance professionals in the Twin Cities. Finding an adequate facility was difficult; we used commercial teleconferencing facilities and community college facilities until finally we set up our own studio in the Hennepin Center for the Arts in summer, 2000.

March - April
We completed several training sessions in the use of the camera in interactive sessions, linking with our partner, the School of Dance at Ohio University. Madeleine Scott, Bonnie Mathis, Gerry Girouard, Chris Aiken and Michael Engel, were among those involved in evaluation of camera techniques and effective movement studies. North High [Minneapolis] and U/OHIO students assisted, both as dancers and camerapeople.

We designed an interactive lesson based on the exchange of Laban motifs. Dance majors at Ohio University mentored Ballet Arts [MN] students. The WEB was instrumental in this exchange; a glossary of Laban terms and dance phrases were posted. Students unfamiliar with the technique attempted to recreate movement using the new vocabulary. We carried out a series of 4 exchanges based on Laban’s Movement Choir, four groups –– college dance majors, high school dance students, dancers in professional training –– participated. Also, elementary school exchanges [Webster/Minneapolis ‡ Valencia Academy for Performing Arts/Winona] were completed.

We demonstrated our growing understanding of the Interactive Studio for an international public at the Dancing in the Millennium Conference in Washington, DC. We followed the exchange with a descriptive article in DanceUSA’s journal.

Fall 1999
In the fall of the year, we were able to arrange for an interactive coaching session from New York City by the dancer Risa Steinberg, who coached U/MN dancers in José Limón’s There Is A Time.


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