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The TPL Model & Dance

The very best advocates for The TPL Model of Interactive Coaching are young artists who have experienced an interactive session. In the flm clip, Young Choreographers Speak, Senior Dance Majors at the Southern New Jersey Academy of Performing Arts talk about what it was like to have their work critiqued by master teacher Mary Harding from the Perpich Center for Arts Education [MN].

By following the other links to the right, you'll find a downloadable .pdf file of two sample Lesson Plans for similar interactive exchanges, as well as biographies of the coaches.

As you know, TPL began as DancePartners --


After awhile, of course, we began to understand that The TPL Model for coaching could be applied to all the performing arts.

Here -- in really a very amusing and charming sequence -- is Diane Aldis, Master Interactive Coach from the Perpich Center for Arts Education, in one of her very first interactive coaching sessions with Senior Dance Majors at the Southern New Jersey Academy of Performing Arts.

You'll be aware of audio delay -- a characteristic of interactive exchange that has lessoned as the years have passed. Now, we don't even notice it -- well, barely -- but back when Diane started, the delay was most evident. The Very Flexible Marcia Chapman, a TPL founder, actually likes audio delay -- it gives her time to gather her thoughts!!

So, now, here is an early exchange ---

Diane Works with the Screen [4.15 MB]

Little wonder our heart warms to dance and interactive coaching!

Kudos to a brave and a winning lady -- La Aldis!! --- and her students in New Jersey!

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the movie!


Oh --- up above --! That's Diane and her assistant coach, Heather Brady. Heather is looking intense, for she is aiming a remote control device at a camera to change its angle, so Diane's dance movement can be seen over 1,000 miles away, at the far end of our --- greater studio!

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