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Remy Charlip's Garden Lilacs

In the purple square below,
you soon will be watching a flash movie
creating choreography with Remy Charlip.
(when it's over, scroll down for more movies & information!)


Nancy Mason Hauser, key cameraperson for TPL,
& David Atwood
worked with Remy at WGBH in Boston**
to create a program of dances.

Glow Worm is one of them, and it is autobiographical.

There is a always a problem
when you try to sample the work of a great creator
with a unique vision ---
so we apologize to Remy right off the bat ...
but the fragments we have chosen
to show you here are

Pure Remy.

Dance Scores for 3 schools --

Morris Area Schools

Perpich Center High School

Dayton's Bluff Elementary School

are posted in this very space ...

In the meantime, just imagine this dance ----

*When you see this symbol --*-- on this page, click on the image above it. You'll get pictures & text downloaded to your desktop in Adobe .pdf format. You can then print the document –– & dance away, for as long as you wish .... !

This is the score for
Remy's "Flowering Trees." *
It will be danced
by students from
Perpich Center Arts High School....

** Copywrite information here.

If you click on the image above,
you'll find a list of some of
Remy's books!

As time goes on, more & more resources about Remy Charlip & his work will appear here. To see them, click* on an image or underlined words –– & follow your heart!

Dayton's Bluff Elementary School
& Morris Area Scho
will dance this score*
by Remy Charlip....

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Here's another way to get acquainted with Remy –– an article written by Nancy Mason Hauser
(who is also a dance critic...)––

An Appreciation

(CLICK on the lilacs!!!)



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