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Remy Charlip's Garden Lilacs

As the weeks roll on –– & spring comes to Minnesota & the Upper Midwest –– a new dance will unfold at 3 schools across the state. Come back & visit often, for we'll be showing how Remy's work inspires & delights everybody it touches.

In the meantime, imagine this dance ----

Can you see yourself swaying & dipping, swirling lilacs all around you ..?

And now --- ! Here's a sample of what's to come from the ARTS HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

(CLICK on the lilacs . . . .
--- and brace yourself!)

Here's some more information . . .
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If I were to remark to Remy Charlip that he often wore his heart on his sleeve, he probably would be gratified that his sense of personal & social honesty had communicated across the footlights. He might then also point out that he had also designed & sewn the sleeve, built the heart and choreographed its delicate flutterings, and drawn a poster for the event.

For this champion of both pathos & delight is a protean talent -- choreographer, dancer, designer, illustrator & author, as well as teacher, actor, director, playwright & video artist...."

Barry Laine, The New York TIMES

CLICK on the lilac bouquet above
to meet Diane Aldis,*
who will show you some of Remy's wonderful books. Diane will also tell you about the dances you are about to create in partnership with Remy Charlip and your fellow dancers.

This is a pretty big movie, but we wanted you to be able really to be with Di amongst the lilac blossoms, so it'll take some time to download.

While you are waiting, practice getting from pose-to-pose in Remy's Garden Lilacs. You can download it as a .pdf file from the page below -- you may want to go there first, get the dance score, then come back to dance away the time waiting for Diane to join you, reading Remy.

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