Exchange 4

"It is important to preserve the traditional.

"It is part of our heritage, and as such is to be cherished. But the modern idioms should be left to the individual to be kept resilient, ventureseome, experimental, unhampered.

"The individual contribution is what gave us cultural maturity and independence from Europe in all our arts. Were it not for this, dancers in America would have remained docile provincials, creating nothing original.

"By learning to speak in an American idiom, they have enriched the world."

José Limón
An American Accent

We are close to the end of our interactive residency with Risa Steinberg.

Technology has brought us together and the concept of interactivity has supported our common goal of learning a dance masterwork by José Limón.

We would like you to experience an interactive exchange with us. And the only way we know to make you part of what we experience is to show you what interactive coaching is like.

Choreographic Offering

So here is a movie from our last exchange. It is about 5 minutes long. We suggest you enlarge this QT movie (CD quality, 28 MB!! Or D) to a comfortable size on your screen. Bend close to the screen, turn the volume up and mask your peripheral vision.

Sense what it is like to be connected to other dancers in two other far distant cities at one & the same time.

You watch. Dancers from the Twin Cities, New Jersey and New York City will be watching along with you. But they will be studying Risa's coaching in order to learn the subtleties of a choreographic masterwork ...



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