Exchange 3

By the end of Exchange 3, dancers at 4 arts academies in 3 American cities –– The Juilliard School (NY) Perpich Center for Arts Education (MN), Southern New Jersey Academy for Performing Arts and Ballet Arts Minnesota –– had learned the first of two duets adapted from a classic work by José Limón, Choreographic Offering.


As we work, we are learning new things about learning with technology. For example –– this time, there was heavy traffic on the internet and the IP connection between NYC and NJ/MN was well-nigh impossible to see. Yet dancers interpreted Risa's teaching in spite of the frozen images, sporadic movement –– you really couldn't see the arc of a gesture –– one got only the beginning & the end of a movement. It was possible to hear fairly well.

So some dancers took both visual and aural input, translated it for themselves and interpreted what it was Risa was aiming for. Other dancers with a different learning style based their movement on that of their fellow dancers.

Surprisingly, phrase after phrase was learned. And the first duo was completed.


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Weather and technology conspired to cause us to cancel Exchange 4. We next met in April, 2005, near the end of the school year. Risa began to refine what we had learned of Limón technique and movement. Music was added.

Interactive Exchange 4


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