Exchange 2

Our second exchange saw Risa Steinberg begin to teach repertory -- in this case, a quartet adapted from the beautiful Limón work, Choreographic Offering.

Dancers from The Juilliard School, Perpich Center for Arts Education (MN), Southern New Jersey Academy for Performing Arts and Ballet Arts Minnesota were linked over 1000s of miles through interactive technology.

We have a classical dilemma -- think Scylla and Charybdis -- because of the limitations of the Internet connections, we can choose either to see the coach clearly or (not and) see the dancers clearly -- ! We had planned to split the time evenly between the two for this exchange, the second in Risa's interactive residency, but that did not happen.

So, again, we reproduce here some of the work from Minnesota. When we receive images from New Jersey, we can share their fine work with you, too!

We worked with a new tool today -- one that took us out of the realm of old-fashioned videoconferencing -- software pioneered by Verizon that enables us to see any site we wish when we wish to -- at all 3 sites! There are still a few wrinkles -- but it's an honor to be ironing them out with new partners as excited as we about the possibilities of putting technology in the dancers' hands!

Stay tuned ---- !

*Credits for this photograph and others graciously provided by the José Limón Dance Foundation can be found here.


The José Limón Company*






Click on the color images
to see samples
of the dancers' work

A first run-through of a new sequence.

Toward the end of this interactive exchange ...


A way to see all 3 sites interactively -- a new technology pioneered by Verizon!

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