Limón Interactive Residency Exchange 1

In the first week of February, 2005, dancers in 3 American cities met to begin work on a quartet adapted from José Limón's great work, Choreo-graphic Offering -- the Twin Cities and New Jersey connected live with coach Risa Steinberg and 4 dancers at The Juilliard School in New York City.

The images coming to Juilliard were not adequate for Risa to judge the quality of the movement across space. So we have reproduced some of these moments here,* for her -- and you -- to review.

We are working on the technology and are also changing things in the physical set-up to make it easier to see each other's work. Click on the underlined link to see EXCHANGE 2.

Stay tuned ---- !
*Click on the image to see the movie. Some are rather large, so they'll take awhile to download ...


Early in the exchange, Risa taught "fall and rebound" –– a key concept in Limón movement.

Because of the quality of the connection to Julliard, she was unable to see how the Twin Cities quartet executed her instructions.

Here is that moment.


Surprisingly, there appeared to be about a 3 second delay at Juilliard -- but very little in NJ and the Twin Cities.
This QT movie gives only an impression of the delay.
(in real life,
voice & movement
were closer together... )


Toward the end of the Exchange, Twin Cities dancers used what they had learned of Limón movement in a traveling sequence.

A variant of
"fall & rebound" --
but letting the fall actually happen..