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My Community...


What Happened
Kathleen Gaffney from Artsgenesis came to visit. She brought with her the tools of "virtual theatre." In a matter of just a few minutes, we were creating a community with folks just as complex as can be.

The Families Who Live in My Community...
Well, first there are the Krumletts Timmy's in trouble and Frank's real proud of him and then there are Belinda and Edna the old ladies with the dead cat next to the Evans he's been away for awhile like the parents of the Bobbett Twins. They sure are cute. The Twins, I mean.

Our Next Visit
Over the next few months, we will create other life stories --- the saga of Four Familes who are coming to America. Our journey will span two centuries. We will weather floods & pestilence & perils yet unknown. Some of us will live to see another day.
Others of us....



Click on a snapshot to have a little visit...

Whatever is ahead
for them...?


Here is where Kathleen Gaffney
next took us all —
the beginning
of a very complex journey
of self-discovery . . .


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