Bulletin Board Introduction

If you want only to read what TPL folks are saying to one another, click HERE. This will take you to the first Bulletin Board we used to work on original screenplays. The actual exchanges have vanished into cyberspace, but we soon will start another project you can track. We also will be posting some of the actual scripts written by drama students in our adventuresome Minnesota & New Jersey arts academies. In the meantime, you can see the main subject headings of our exchanges by clicking above.

If you wish to know how to work with the Bulletin Board, or to contribute to the exchanges, read on.

The following guidelines will assist you the first time you use the TPL Bulletin Board (BB) and may be helpful for reference until you become familiar with its operation.


Each person who posts (writes) a message to the BB must be a registered user. To register, first click the Bulletin Board button at the bottom of this page. Then, on the BB page click the "register" link under "TPL" in the upper right portion of the page. You will be shown the "Rules, Policies, and Disclaimers" of the BB. If you do not "Agree" to abide by these rules, you will not be permitted to register. When you click "Agree" you will be shown the Bulletin Board Registration page. Read and follow the instructions for selecting your user name and password. When you have completed the registration form, click the "Submit" button at the bottom.

If all the required information is provided, you will be shown a page that says:


You have successfully registered your User Name and Password for TPL. Feel free to post messages on any of our forums. Your registration information is listed below.

User Name:
City, State, Country:
Homepage: http://

We HIGHLY recommended that you print this page and keep it in a safe place in case you forget your user name or password! Please note that contrary to the instructions at the top of the registration page, your passwords ARE encrypted, and the BB administrator cannot look up your password for you. Therefore, please record your username and password somewhere as a reference. If you do forget them, send an email to the BB Administrator

The BB administrator will delete your username and then you will have to register again.

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